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Technical Writer (CO17-01)


Candidate will write, in clear and concise language, such technical documents as procedure manuals, service manuals, and related technical publications concerned with installation, operation, and maintenance of electronic, electrical, mechanical, and other equipment. Includes writing such technical documentation as operational specifications, bulletins, articles, and marketing publications. Acquires or verifies knowledge of subject by interviewing workers engaged in developing new products and services or in making improvements, observing performance of experiments and methods of production, referring to blueprints, sketches, engineering drawings and notes, trade and engineering journals, rewrites of articles, bulletins, manuals, or similar publications. This position is on the GPS Control Segment Sustainment contract as a Technical Documentation team member. Candidate will prepare project documentation, such as Technical Order (TO) and TO illustrations derived from engineering drawings to ensure customer contract requirements are met. Accurately document changes to the TOs resulting from any operational changes or maintenance actions. Review documentation required for each project phase, applying knowledge of engineering and manufacturing processes. Meet schedule due dates for TO illustrations derived from engineering drawings, specifications, technical manuals, and other documents. Monitor status of projects to ensure documentation is submitted according to schedule. Review and verify documents for completeness, format, and compliance with contract requirements. Provide TO redlines on-site for organizational level maintenance. Provide Technical Order Management Agency (TOMA) support functions for current Control Segment and GPS Information Network, and future GPS III TO. Incorporate Government initiated AFTO 22/252s, republish and distribute accurate and complete TOs for GPS: Ground Antenna; Monitor Station; Master Control Station (MCS)/Alternate MCS; GIN; Positional Training Emulator; Block IIA, IIR, IIF; Schedule Control; Analyst; classified supplement; and all applicable Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) manuals. Provide input to tracking spreadsheet with all received and approved AFTO 22s and 252s with planned publication dates. Address all errors and inadequacies with zero technical errors and not more than two administrative errors per page as found during pre-publication review. TO format, content and schedule will be compliant with MIL-STD-38784, MIL-STD-38807, and TO 00-5 series unless previously incorporated deviations. Operations TOs are published quarterly to accommodate submitted AFTO 22s. Deliver TOs per requirements in ETIMS. Respond to TO numbering requests, revisions, or changes, as requested by the TOMA. Provide annual update to reflect total number of pages changed and distribution history of TOs for CAFTOP Technical Order Improvement Sheets (TOIS). Evaluate and deliver Contractor Furnished Equipment Notices (CFEN) with COTS manual data. Provide document review/formatting for other team members in all disciplines (engineering, information assurance, etc.) to ensure consistency and program compliance.


Colorado Springs, CO, area.

Education and Experience

Bachelor's degree from an accredited college in a related discipline, with 2 years or more of professional experience (or 0 years of professional experience with a related Masters degree). Alternatively, equivalent experience/combined education.


Knowledge and use of the Arbortext Editor/Publisher, Windchill change management system, and the Microsoft Office tools suite is required. Knowledge and use of the ClearQuest change tool is highly desired.


Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Flexibility in a dynamic environments. Ability to work in a team environment or independently as required. Must be US Government Security Clearance Eligible.


Previous technical knowledge of the GPS Space Segment and GPS Control Segment, with previous GPS technical documentation experience.

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