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Challenges of PNT Enabled Autonomous Devices CUAS small, unmanned, aircraft, (UAS), drones

The Winter 2017 Institute of Navigation (ION) Quarterly Newsletter (see https://www.ion.org/publications/upload/v27n1.pdf) contains an article (page 11 & 12) under the quarterly Defense Matters column written by Overlook’s President Doug Taggart drawing attention to the challenges of dealing with small unmanned aircraft (UAS) drones weighing less than 55 pounds.  The article highlights that regulator restrictions (ref FAA Part 107) may be effective in controlling drone operations by “honest, law-abiding people,” but at the same time they provide absolutely no deterrent to those with ulterior motives of hostile intent.

Overlook, as a small business providing support to the U.S. Government, specializes in all aspects of positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) technologies to include Counter UAS (CUAS) test & evaluation, vulnerability analyses, and Tactics, Techniques& Procedures (TTP) development.  See details at www.overlooksys.com.