Overlook Systems Technology Inc.: Committed to Excellence

SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

Overlook’s work force is well versed in the identified Functional Areas and skilled in meeting cost, schedule and technical performance of program plans and schedules. Flexibility is critical to successful Task Order management. Overlook’s approach to project management encourages an open exchange of information among task teams and project personnel, while promoting healthy contractor-client interaction. This approach to management enhances our ability to rapidly adapt to short-notice changes in priorities and work load surges.

Overlook has an outstanding reputation of being a responsive, well respected, small business contractor that consistently provides our clients with on-time, quality products. Overlook employees are aware of this reputation and this fosters a work ethic that perpetuates itself in the form of "company pride."

Overlook maintains an employee base founded in leadership and teamwork. Our work force possesses a broad range of skills on critical government processes including, but not limited to; program management, acquisition, requirements development, policy formulation, international activities, threat assessment and operations.

A vast majority of Overlook’s employees have prior military service in one of the five uniformed services (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard). These character-shaping service experiences, spanning the mid to senior leadership levels within both the enlisted and officer ranks, fosters a company esprit de corps that links directly to the development of our company’s reputation.

This solid core of expertise, founded in the traditions of knowing how to follow through with tasks either independently, or as part of a team, is the centerpiece of our can-do, self-motivated work force. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our clients' needs. Our project-oriented company organization embodies this philosophy and has been designed to complement our technical approach to working with the government for over 20 years.

It is our practice to establish strong working relationships between our staff members and our clients. This approach has been highly successful in the past in assuring that the right Overlook staff member engages in direct, productive support of the client on a particular issue or assigned task.